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27 Feb Party In The Back

Lunch time got a little intense today. We were really hungry. Not pizza hungry, or sandwich hungry, or dainty little salad for lunch kind of hungry – we were “we need a cheeseburger STAT” kind of hungry.

So we did the only right thing a hungry Petaluman could do on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday between 11am and 4pm – we went to Thistle Meats and shamelessly devoured the best burgers in town.

If you haven’t had the spiritual experience that is the Thistle Burger, you should go… but not just because it’s the best burger you’ve never had, but because it’s the perfect (and most delicious) way to support an integral piece of our community.

Nobody plans to celebrate the two year anniversary of a successful business by a drunk driver slamming through it’s storefront, but that’s exactly what happened to Thistle Meats owner Molly Best, on February 15th.

“When I saw it, I burst into tears,” Molly told SF Gate in an interview later that day. “It represents so much hard work. It’s pretty upsetting.”

Upsetting was right, but not just to her and to her business – the blow was felt throughout our community. You see, Thistle Meats has become the epicenter of our local agricultural ecosystem and without it, food simply does not move from the farms to our tables in the same authentic way.

So as they were forced to shut the front door, they opened the back.

Freshly packaged meats, cheeses, and eggs are continuing to be sold out the back and the best burgers in town are on the grill again (and make for an incredibly satisfying alternative to whatever you packed for lunch).

They’ll be celebrating two years of business tomorrow from 11am-4pm and we’re going to celebrate with them by picking up our first Butcher Box (and maybe having another burger) and we hope you’ll come too.

Together, we can make sure that while they’re rebuilding their business in the front it’s a party in the back.

photography by Laura Schneider